Preschool Skill: Name Recognition! (10 Activities)

Preschool skill of the day: Recognize and Write Your Name

This one can be a challenge for homeschooling preschool and junior kindergarten because at school they see their name everywhere! It’s on their hook, their cubby, their chair, their work, etc. At home, you know whose work it is, there is only one coat their size, and the entire house sometimes resembles a kindergarten cubby.

At home, you have to work a little harder at it. Here is a round up of my favourite activities to help practice your name at the PK level.

Easter Egg Name Puzzle (you could do this with any shape)

Fingerprint Names

Flower Names

My personal favourite: Name Pyramid

Name Puzzles

Name play doh mats

A List of Name Activities From Mrs. Jones Creation Station

Graphing Activity with Letters in Your Name

Pool Noodle Name Activity

Tracing Activity

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